George W. Bush is’ One Tough Hombre’


Paul Begala, writing in The Huffington Post captures the ‘soul’ [if he has one] of George W Bush. As he says, Bush is …

Tough enough to execute Karla Fay Tucker — and then laugh about it.

Tough enough to sign a death warrant for a man whose lawyer slept through the trial — and then snicker when asked about it in a debate.

Even tough enough to execute a great-grandmother who murdered her husband — after he abused her. A friend of mine at the time asked Bush to commute her sentence, telling him, “Betty Lou ain’t a threat to no one she ain’t married to.” No dice.

Mr Bush is tough enough to invade a country that was no risk to America, causing tens of thousands of civilian deaths and shedding precious American blood in the process.

Tough enough to sanction torture. Tough enough to order an American citizen arrested and held without trial.

But if you’re rich and right-wing and Republican, George is a real softie. As George W. Bush demonstrated in giving Scooter Libby a Get Out of Jail Free Card, he is only compassionate to conservatives.