Manhattan — Venice of the future?

New York drowning

Ten months before Hurricane Katrina left much of New Orleans underwater, Queen Elizabeth II had a private conversation with Prime Minister Tony Blair about George W. Bush.

The Queen’s tradition of meeting once a week with Britain’s elected head of government to discuss matters of state—usually on Tuesday evenings in Buckingham Palace and always alone, to ensure maximum confidentiality—goes back to 1952, the year she ascended the throne. In all that time, the contents of those chats rarely if ever leaked.

So it was extraordinary when London’s Observer reported, on October 31, 2004, that the Queen had “made a rare intervention in world politics” by telling Blair of “her grave concerns over the White House’s stance on global warming.”

The Observer did not name its sources, but one of them subsequently spoke to Vanity Fair.

“The Queen first of all made it clear that Buckingham Palace would be happy to help raise awareness about the climate problem,” says the source, a high-level environmental expert who was briefed about the conversation. “[She was] definitely concerned about the American position and hoped the prime minister could help change [it].”

Press aides for both the Queen and the prime minister declined to comment on the meeting, as is their habit.

But days after the Observer story appeared, the Queen indeed raised awareness by presiding over the opening of a British-German conference on climate change, in Berlin.

“I might just point out, that’s a pretty unusual thing for her to do,” says Sir David King, Britain’s chief scientific adviser. “She doesn’t take part in anything that would be overtly political.”

2 responses to “Manhattan — Venice of the future?”

  1. maddy Avatar

    this is terrifying how could one city just be distroyed like this and now the california fires!!! this amazes me how much the earth can be in danger in 20 years! This is unbelivable!

  2. halle Avatar

    This is so horrorfying! I can’t believe it!
    I hope to god that we do something so that this doesn’t happen!
    I want to move to Manhattan and live there, Thats so scary
    If you ask me i think all thoose billionaires should stop waisting money on crap and do something to save us!