My trip to Brazil — by George W

Hi guys, thought I’d share some holiday snaps from my recent trip to Brazil. Very friendly folks they were … GWB

Gwb In Brazil 049

This fan was obviously trying to entice me … Better not let Laura see it.

Gwb In Brazil 048

No quite sure why they asked me for a specimen, but they all wanted a sniff …

Gwb In Brazil 045

This looks like another one of their crazy festivals celebrating some dictator from the past. Funny looking moustache he has though.

Gwb In Brazil 040

Got a few shots like this. The cops look like they were trying to practice their golf strokes. They need to follow through a bit more because look where the ball ended up in the top right …

One response to “My trip to Brazil — by George W”

  1. Jordie Avatar

    Ridiculous, brazil is much more thant that!
    You are stupid, and deserve to die