‘Rotten butter’ versus ‘stinging acid’

butter.jpgActivists on board anti-whaling ship The Steve Irwin pelting the Nisshin Maru with rotten butter

The environmental group Sea Shepherd says it doubts its attack on a Japanese whaling ship off Antarctica yesterday injured anyone.

The group threw 24 litres of rotten butter onto the Nisshin Maru whaling ship.

Meanwhile, the Taipei Times reports:

“Militant environmentalists hurled stinging acid for more than an hour onto a Japanese whaling ship off Antarctica yesterday, hurting three crew members, Japanese government officials said.”

But the Sea Shepherd’s founder, Paul Watson, does not believe the claims.

‘We certainly didn’t injure anybody because we saw where every container hit — it was fully videotaped,’ he said.

‘The Japanese videotaped it and I’m sure that if we had have hit somebody they’d have it on their website, which they do not have.

‘My understanding is that the three injuries were three guys who got sick from the smell and just threw up.

‘So three guys chundering on the deck, really that’s the extent of it.’

One response to “‘Rotten butter’ versus ‘stinging acid’”

  1. Chris Boone Avatar

    That’s a bit odd. Both accounts actually seem to be talking about the same thing: butyric acid. That’s what makes rotten butter nasty. Seems to me that Watson’s only disputing whether they hit anybody with it, not what it was.

    Though it probably would be nastier, and more effective, if they did throw rancid butter, right? Think of the mess.