Sparking interest

Electric car

Phoenix Motorcars, based in Ojal, California, is a small entrepreneurial company dedicated to manufacturing emission free automobiles and trucks.

Besides their good science and research, they also know how to tease their potential investors and vehicle purchasers if the prototype shown above is any indication.

They also demand as part of their company philosophy that “…the dark spiraling nature of an implosion of our natural environment simply must be avoided.

“Transportation contributes 58% of the carbon dioxide emissions in California. Carbon dioxide constitutes 84% of the Green House gases spewed into California’s air. Emission free vehicles are necessary, now”.

Phoenix Motorcars, established in 2001, has completed proof of concept prototyping as well as production prototyping and is currently in pilot production of emission free vehicles.

They are currently negotiating with a fleet buyer interested in 300 electric vehicles.