Algae strikes Olympic sailing course


Australia’s 470 men’s crew, Nathan Wilmot and Malcolm Page, negotiate their way through green algae on the Beijing Olympic Games sailing course at Qingdao, during training on June 24.

Rising sea temperatures have been blamed for the growth of the algae, which has begun to blight the Oympic sailing course just 44 days out from the start of the games.
[ABC News ]

Polar bears listed as Threatened Species in US


It’s a bit too late for this one. Now a floormat worth $US7995.00 at Bear Skin World. Surprisingly, Canada, home to two-thirds of the total polar bear population of up to 25,000, has not listed the species as threatened.

The US Government has listed polar bears as a threatened species, warning that melting of Arctic sea ice is risking their habitat.

“Today I am listing the polar bear as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act,” said Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne, after satellite imagery found ice coverage had fallen to its lowest level yet recorded.

The Government was acting on advice from scientists and the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

Mr Kempthorne detailed greater steps to monitor polar bear populations in Alaska and outlying islands in the Beaufort Sea, and more co-operation with foreign governments to protect the species.

[From US lists polar bears as threatened species | The Australian]