Bogus data masks China’s pollution woes

Soaring pollution levels in China may be even worse than thought because local governments bent on economic growth are lying about their progress in meeting environmental goals.

Data reported by China’s regional governments indicates a national goal to reduce China’s two main pollutants by two percent in 2006 has been reached, but calculations by the top environment watchdog show they actually grew two percent, Xinhua news agency said, quoting an environment official.

“The figures on pollution control reported by local governments dropped remarkably this year, while the real environmental situation continues to deteriorate,” said the unnamed official with the State Environmental Protection Administration (SEPA).

One thought on “Bogus data masks China’s pollution woes”

  1. I have been in China for three weeks now and can attest to the high level of pollution that consistently hangs in the air. The people are overwhelmingly friendly, generous with their time and easy to smile. As well, they seem hugely motivated to obtain both knowledge and a comfortable life (don’t we all?). My hope is that this pursuit is tempered with an understanding that the environment can only handle so much and that both the people and the government use their immense intellect and abilities to live sustainably within the earth’s limited resources. I feel that China has a much better chance of achieving this balance than they are given credit for. Certainly, China’s notion of “the common good” versus “the individual” will help in creating the right mix.

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