For and against — a Republican scorecard

We couldn’t resist republishing this list as blogged by Dori Smith at Backup Brain today.

Do visit, as we’re sure she’ll find more to add as time goes by:

Republicans today, in 2006, believe that the following are:


  • Pedophilia by Members of Congress
  • Conspiracy by Members of Congress to cover up pedophilia by Members of Congress
  • Torture of anyone the President wants
  • Wiretapping everyone, including American citizens, without a warrant
  • Huge and increasing deficits
  • Increases in the size of government
  • Starting wars on little, no, or trumped-up basis
  • War profiteering
  • Cherry-picking intelligence data and other subversions of national security
  • Outing undercover intelligence agents
  • Government interference in private lives, such as medical decisions (including contraception, abortion, and end-of-life issues)
  • Bribing journalists to produce government propaganda
  • Voter intimidation
  • Increased pollution
  • Decisions based on pseudo-science and religious faith


  • Habeas corpus
  • Congressional oversight of the Executive Branch
  • Judicial review of the Executive Branch
  • Immigration of alien workers without whom the economy would fall apart
  • Sex acts between certain consenting adults
  • Marriages between certain consenting adults
  • Abiding by America’s treaty obligations, including the Geneva Convention
  • Increasing the minimum wage
  • Health care that covers all Americans
  • Balanced budgets

And these people get votes… why?