Green concrete

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Making cement is one of the most energy-intensive industries, producing vast quantities of CO2 and other greenhouse gases from fossil fuels.

The relentless flood of concrete drowns more and more C02-absorbing vegetation all over the world, giving yet another boost to the cycle of global warming.

Eco-Cement, developed by Tec-Eco of Tasmania, Australia, is designed to save fossil fuels – and to absorb CO2. Based on reactive magnesium oxide, it needs CO2 to harden and set.

Better still, it can be combined with wastes such as fly ash from power stations and many types of slag which are too chemically reactive to be used with conventional cement to make concrete.

2 thoughts on “Green concrete”

  1. Please send more information on ecocement and tec eco cement. What is the strength range that can be achieved?

  2. I heard about this super concrete and cement that absorbs CO2 and allows water to penetrate and permeate. It was at a discussion group following a screening of the Al Gore movie.

    It sounded a bit ‘fishy’ to me. Why would concrete absorb CO2?

    I have since been back to the Eco-Cement web page and found that they too have realised that they were wrong. They now have a section on their site advising that they got it all wrong and are now re-writing & correcting their earlier claims.

    And isn’t one of the reasons that we pave with concrete that it is impervious and doesn’t let water through? If the water gets under the concrete, the soil below becomes muddy, doesn’t support the concrete and so it cracks and moves like the pavers by Franklin Square in Macquarie Street.

    Can’t seem to understand why they received the award really. Maybe the judges just thought it sounded like a motherhood statement so they supported it with a prize!

    A bit of a crock really!

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