News from Nowhere


News media are all about now. Journalists parachute into trouble spots when a crisis erupts and almost before the dust has settled they’re off to the next outbreak.

Rarely do they have the airtime or the knowledge to tell you any more than what happened today. What started the horrible civil war in Sri Lanka more than two decades ago? Why is Kosovo? Who is the United Nations? Who blames who for firing the first shot or lobbing the first bomb?

These are things harassed newsies don’t have time for. But you can find out through the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Rear Vision programs on its Radio National network. In a half-hour, Rear Vision gives you a much deeper perspective on the history behind many a flare-up with the history and views from both sides.

Better still, you can get it free as an MP3 podcast or as an RSS feed. And there’s no background noise from anyone grinding a political axe. FB