The Earth Is Shrinking

Our early 21st century civilization is being squeezed between advancing deserts and rising seas.

Measured by the land area that can support human habitation, the earth is shrinking.

Mounting population densities, once generated solely by the addition of over 70 million people per year, are now also fueled by the relentless advance of deserts and the rise in sea level.

The newly established trends of expanding deserts and rising seas are both of human origin.

The former is primarily the result of overstocking grasslands and overplowing land. Rising seas result from temperature increases set in motion by carbon released from the burning of fossil fuels.

The heavy losses of territory to advancing deserts in China and Nigeria, the most populous countries in Asia and Africa respectively, illustrate the trends for scores of other countries.

China is not only losing productive land to deserts, but it is doing so at an accelerating rate. From 1950 to 1975 China lost an average of 600 square miles of land (1,560 square kilometers) to desert each year. By 2000, nearly 1,400 square miles were going to desert annually.

One thought on “The Earth Is Shrinking”

  1. Mathematical modeling for destabilizing Antarctica’s ice sheet due to earth shrinking: Effects of porous shrinking sheet due to heat and
    mass transfer on non-linear MHD boundary layer flow
    R. K. Samy, Muhaimin and Azme B Khamis
    Centre for Science Studies,
    Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia,
    86400, Parit Raja, Batu Pahat Johor, Malaysia,

    It is expected that this research may prove to be useful for the study of shrinking of earth. It is concluded from the present investigation that the shrinking of earth due to the decrease of the earth’s porosity has been its potential to affect the stability of the Antarctic ice sheet and infrastructure of the earth. The southern continent contains enough ice to raise ocean levels, a deluge that would put every major coastal city in the world deep under water and uproot hundreds of millions of people. On the other hand; it is observed that the earthquake and tsunami arise with reduces of porosity of the earth due to the increase of carbon rate in air. The rising atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide that are destabilizing the earth’s porosity and warming climate are driven by the burning of fossil fuels. Our choice is a simple one: reverse these trends or risk being overwhelmed by them.

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