The Queen Goes Green

Sounds like Prince Charles has finally convinced his Mum, The Queen of England, to embrace some of his green habits.

According to Ecorazzi [yes, there is a web site devoted to green gossip]:

An advert has been placed looking for someone to “help phase out the use of pesticides from the Palace’s gardens, improving ‘environmental and conservation practices’ as well as maintaining a new organic vegetable garden at Clarence House.”

The position pays £13,500 and will no doubt potentially include some tea-time with the green prince himself.

Charles has been an avid organic gardener for the past 25 years and, as the article points out, his garden at Highgrove House is considered one of the jewels of the organic movement.

His latest book, The Elements Of Organic Gardening, offers advice on converting to organic and reveals the methods used at some of the palace gardens like Clarence House and Birkhall in Scotland.

One thought on “The Queen Goes Green”

  1. Thank you Prince Charles!

    If the U.S. listens, perhaps the frightening statistics, that we are expected to outlive our children, may change.

    We know that dogs who live in a home where lawn weed killers are used are three times more likely to develop lymphomas (children were not evaluated in these studies since they are presumed to have less contact with lawns). Children who are exposed to home and garden pesticides have up to a seven-fold increase in the risk of leukemia according to many credible studies.

    Blessings to the queen and prince for putting health before money, unlike most of the western world!

    Lynne Eldridge M.D.
    Author, “Avoiding Cancer One Day At A Time”

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