We are all boat people

boat people

Each of our editors migrated to Australia by boat so the ‘We are all Boat People’ campaign resonates with us. Read more on their web site and do download their toolkit, which includes a very handy street stencil.

As they say:

We are ordinary Australians who are appalled at the inhumane treatment of refugees by our government. We have decided to get involved and challenge the border panic encouraged by the current rhetoric of fear.

Our goal is to create a shift in the minds and hearts of our fellow Australians who have not seen the truth behind the lies told by the Howard Government and the mainstream media outlets that broadly support it’s views.

We know that these unjust laws will eventually be changed – and we know that Australians will look back on this period with great shame. However we must act now with urgency to bring about this change before more people suffer. We believe that this will only happen through constant and increasing pressure from compassionate people like you.

So we ask you to start with this simple act: spread the We are all Boat People idea in your community and beyond.