Wind and sun power cute commuter car

solar car

The Venturi Eclectic, touted as an “autonomous energy vehicle,” gets its charge from wind and a roof of solar panels.

The four-person ‘car’ boasts a 22-horsepower electric engine, powered by liquid-cooled NiMH batteries, and can reach a top-end speed of nearly 52kmh.

Range is only 50km but that should be ideal for most town runs, and if its sunny you could park and charge.

solar car and wind vane

The car does sport an option to recharge via AC power.

Scheduled for production in June 2007 it is expected to sell for $US30,500, but don’t hold your breath for one, the first 200 have already been sold.

If you can read German there’s lots more information here.

solae car and wind vane

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