Wow! US agrees to climate change compromise

The United States has finally dropped opposition to a compromise plan to launch talks on a new UN climate treaty after pleas from other nations.

It was a real last-minute deal. There might now be some hope for our children’s future …

‘We will go forward and join consensus,’ Paula Dobriansky, heading the US delegation, told the 190-nation meeting to cheers from many in the audience, minutes after triggering boos by saying Washington was opposed.

The proposed compromise, breaking a deadlock between rich and poor nations, had been supported by all other previous speakers, including the European Union.

The talks have agreed to a roadmap for two-year negotiations leading to a new worldwide pact to roll back the peril of global warming.

The planned treaty would take effect at the end of 2012 after current commitments expire under the UN Kyoto Protocol.

The ‘Bali Roadmap’ was approved by consensus among the 190 members of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) after gruelling negotiations that ran for 13 days, one more than scheduled.”